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SOUL DAMAGE the movie

The story follows a wildly attractive yet very mysterious character named “Sirius” (Yohance Myles). Sirius is perceived as the typical ladies man, but has a dark past that is ever present. Sirius is incredibly charismatic and has an almost magical gift with people, but his past prevents him from creating friendships or meaningful relationships.

Sirius has a very complicated relationship with God and borderline hatred for organized religion. As a child, he and his mother were thrown out of the church after it came to light his mother was having an affair with the pastor. The result of this leads to a life filled with drugs, prostitution, molestation, and violence.

The movie also has a hilarious mixture of comedy. He is envied by the character “Gary” and obsessed by the character “Cynthia” (Salmeilia J. Stewart), both are his co-workers. They make it their mission to find out who he really is. One needs to know what makes his so special and the other wants to find out how to make him her own.

The movie moves seamlessly until “Dr. Valencia Carter” (Charence Higgins) enters and now challenges the very resolve of this carefully guarded enigma of a man. Now his secret plans are in jeopardy and he has to seek the advice and wisdom from the symbols of his greatest pains.

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